KIKI’s Apothecary creates custom aromatherapy blends for mental, emotional and physical application. Any excuse to experiment with blending essential oils is especially satisfying when we are creating a blend that is uniquely relevant to you and your needs.

Essential oils are the essences of plants, herbs, woods, resins, and flowers that when synergised in the right way have powerful therapeutic benefits that can be wonderfully exploited for physical, emotional and spiritual use.

They say aromatherapy is an art and a science; we achieve the purpose of your blend using the constituents of essential oils and their known properties, and the art to guide us to an aroma that you will enjoy in addition to the therapeutic benefits. 

Aromatherapy can be applied in many different ways:

  • To emotionally calm
  • To uplift the spirit
  • To invigorate and energise the body
  • To sooth sore muscles
  • To aid concentration
  • To support the immune system
  • Skin, hair and scalp ailments
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Seasonal allergies.

Customised blends are made using
only 100% Pure and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. The final blend is combined with a recommended
carrier oil in a roll-on bottle or amber dropper bottle, and comes in a cotton pouch.*


* Price dependent on oils used and amount required. 





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