Green Eats

When I was eight I came home from school one day and proclaimed that I was to be a vegetarian. This caused confusion amongst my Greek family, and still does! (The My Big Fat Greek Wedding cliché is true).

I haven't been vegetarian consistently since then mainly because I found it really hard to eat well - and it's not because I favoured meat- I was just a fussy eater, but in the last few years I've found that trying to eat vegetarian is no longer a drag, and I'm more excited than ever about the love the restaurant scene in London is showing veggies. I used to complain that veggie spots were few and far between in this city but this is changing and my musings on this matter are available over on The Peridot at! 

The Peridot embraces a mindful way of living and being your true self, and supports sustainable and fair-trade artisans and businesses.

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