Green Coffee Oil: An Effective & Natural Treatment for Cellulite

INCI Coffea arabica (Green Coffee) oil

We recently gave Coffee + Cinnamon Body Polish a boost, reformulating it to deliver the wonderful benefits of Green Coffee oil. I’ve been particularly excited about using this oil because of a) its potent concentration of antioxidants that help to noticeably improve the health and appearance of skin, and b) it showcases well how an ingredient undergoes changes in composition and aroma during different processes of extraction and treatment.

The Method of Extraction

The method of extraction is a key consideration that determines the effectiveness of botanical ingredients, which are fragile, delicate and full of essential goodness. The ideal extraction distils this goodness in a way that it's as similar to its original chemical composition as possible.

Green coffee oil is extracted by cold-pressing fresh green, unroasted coffee beans. It's a slow extraction process that doesn't use heat, resulting in a purer and better quality yield.

The chemical and aromatic composition of the coffee bean changes through the process of roasting, which exposes heat, leading to degradation and compromise in antioxidant potency. Conversely, the oil extraction from the fresh green coffee bean returns a higher concentration of caffeine, vitamin E and F, to name a few. 

The familiar aroma of coffee that we know comes from the roasting process. Cold-pressing Green Coffee beans results in a silky oil that feels lightweight on the skin and has an earthy, green aroma.


Now for some science.

Vitamin E

Green coffee oil boasts a very high concentration of Vitamin E; a powerful antioxidant that helps to defend the skin against free radicals that can otherwise accelerate the signs of ageing and sagging, lead to moisture loss, and disturb a healthy rate of cell renewal.

Vitamin F – Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acid is an omega 6 essential fatty acid (EFA), abundant in many plant oils. Essential for healthy cell function and essential because EFA's they’re not synthesised by the body naturally. Accessing essential fatty acids via our diets is vital but as we age, what is received through diet is secreted by the skin less and less so topical application is another really good way to get them working for the health of our skin. 



Linoleic acid is powerful because it seeps through the skins barrier to accelerate healing, restore moisture, minimise inflammation, and tighten and soothe. 


Water retention may exacerbate the appearance of cellulite; caffeic acid helps to reduce puffiness by drawing out excess water and making fat deposits that create dimpling, look smaller.


Regular exfoliation is a practical and effective technique that helps remove lack-lustre causing surface impurities and dead skin cells; promotes lymphatic drainage; and stimulates circulation. Sluggish circulation can lead to lower production of collagen, making skin more prone to sagging.

Coffee + Cinnamon Body Polish has been especially formulated to combat some of the key factors that intensify the appearance of cellulite.


A dose of reality 

There are many lifestyle factors that cause and contribute to the appearance of cellulite, the existence of which is almost inevitable for most women. It's also highly unlikely that the total eradication of cellulite can be achieved.  However, topical treatments are one approach, which if followed in conjunction with others such as dietary adjustments and physical exercise, can be successful in minimising the appearance of cellulite.